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Wilderness Obsession Catalogues NB Lake Hydrographic Maps

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The opening of the New Brunswick fishing season arrives for lakes on May 1st each year across most of the province, and as many anglers across the province get set to hit the water, they will talk about it on the internet! Nearly every day you will find in any of the online forums or social media sites much of the same conversation: someone will ask for fishing information in a certain area, and there will be a combination of anger, scorn, and willingness from the audience. Pass the popcorn…

The fact is, the internet offers a number of tools to find outdoor information for those willing to do a little bit of digging, but not everyone is willing to do it. Into this depth of information, Wilderness Obsession now has a new addition: a catalogued, searchable index containing archived hydrographic maps of 249 different lakes and ponds throughout New Brunswick. It goes without saying that not every lake is mentioned in this list, but it is an impressive collection!

From our research, it appears that these maps were mostly created in the early 1980s by (at that time) the Department of Natural Resources and Energy. Some of the maps are dated as early as June of 1981. They include important information like size, depth, and even fish types that were found each body of water in those days. You will definitely notice as you begin to explore them that the species information has changed a great deal since those times, but we still are convinced that these maps will offer great utility both to those wanting to take a look back in our fishing history and for those looking to learn more about certain areas of the lakes.

These maps have previously been released elsewhere, including the excellent Muskies NB website, but they have never been available online in a simple, searchable manner such as we have created.

We hope that you will appreciate the utility of these maps as another tool to reflect on the history of these lakes and the change in fish distribution… and you might just discover a new favourite fishing hole!

Good luck everyone out on the water… stay safe and keep our outdoors clean!

CLICK HERE to access to Lake Index.

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