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2016 NB Whitetail Deer Season Harvest Numbers

Well the 2016 New Brunswick Whitetail Season has come and gone.  For many hunters, we're sure this was a season filled with memories that will last a lifetime.   You may recall that last winter was exceptionally mild for most of the province, and hunters were eager to see the impact this would have on the whitetail population.  Any time the winter is light, we expect to see an increase in young bucks roaming the woods, and especially during the rut we see them more and more in their careless ways.  

While the guys here at Wilderness Obsession weren't able to connect on the mature bucks we had hoped for this year; thanks to the magic of social media, we saw magnificent bucks taken from all areas of the province.  Other factors aside, it was expected that the harvest would be on the rise from the dreadful 2015 season, we hadn't expected the harvest to be boosted to this level, however.     

NB Provincial Deer Biologist Joe Kennedy tells us:

“The preliminary harvest numbers are in, and 5366 deer were registered this season, up 22% from last year.  The better than average winter survival gave us good yearling recruitment, and the increased yearling buck harvest resulted in a higher harvest than I was expecting.  We had reduced the 2016 Antlerless Deer Permits by 400, so we knew the female harvest numbers were going to be lower this year.  However the yearling bucks made up the difference, and then some more.” 

We look forward to hearing and sharing tales from our readers and friends over the next few weeks, and  we don't know about you, but we're looking forward to hitting the woods again right away, after all, we're only 322 days away from next season! 

2016-11-21 14:23:38


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