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NB Resident Moose Draw Applications Open Today

Monday, May 15th, 2017 is an exciting day for those of us who dream of chasing big, black Moose through the forests of New Brunswick.  For weeks, residents and non-residents alike have been awaiting this morning.  Each year, a select few lucky Non-Residents get selected via random draw to join in on the 5 day New Brunswick Moose Season, and as of now results to the 2017 draw are available at or by clicking here.

For Residents, between May 15th and June 9th, you are now able to apply for one of the 4635 resident tags available in 2017.  Residents must carefully weigh their options about which Wildlife Management Zone they choose to apply for, and can apply for the draw in one of three ways.  All methods  require the applicant to have an NB Outdoors Card.  In our opinion, the easiest way to apply is via the e-licensing web portal.  The fee to apply is $9.55.  A reminder, residents can no longer use their Medicare Card to apply.

Options To Apply:

1. By Telephone: Bell landline telephone customers can apply and the fee will be directly applied to their home phone bill by dialing 1-900-565-1500. The toll free number which allowed applicants to bill their application fee to a credit card from any landline is no longer available.

2. Online: Any NB Resident with an NB Outdoors Card can apply online using the e-licensing portal. If you do not yet have an NB Outdoors Card, you can easily register for one instantly at

3. In person: Similar to purchasing a hunting or fishing license, residents can go to any authorized vendor or Service New Brunswick location and apply in person.  Same process as the online purchase, only the vendor will be doing it for you.

NOTE: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. They must not be restricted from purchasing a New Brunswick Hunting Licence.

New Brunswick instituted a new draw system in 2011, using a "weighted lottery" to determine your chance of winning a moose hunting tag. For every 5 years you have been unsuccessful since 1994, you are placed in a higher "pool" with more chance of getting drawn.

For every five (5) years you have applied unsuccessfully since 1994, you will be placed into a higher pool. Every fifth year you are unsuccessful will triple your number of ballots.

Years Unsuccessful Pool Number of Ballots
20 to 24 4 81
15 to 19 3 27
10 to 14 2 9
5 to 9 1 3
0 to 4 0 1

Residents can determine what pool they are in by clicking on this link:

Choosing where to apply is an interesting debate. Many believe you should only apply in the zone where you reside, while others are perfectly happy to travel the province in search of a monarch and a full freezer. For those applying in zones they are unfamiliar with, finding a place to hunt may pose a problem. Looking at the applicant numbers year by year, it's apparent most people stick to what they know, and stay close to home when choosing where to apply. We aren't going to wade into that debate here, but will provide some context for those looking at success rates throughout the province while making their decision. 

In 2016, 61,488 residents applied for 4643 licenses, meaning 7.6% of applicants overall were picked.  Of course, different zones have very different success rates for both draw success and harvest success.  For example, the highest success rate based upon last years numbers was in zone 2, where 18.81% of applicants were successful, while zone 24 was the lowest success rate where only 3.76% of applicants had their names chosen. One thing applicants sometimes need to look at is harvest success rate in a particular zone. For example, as far as drawing a tag goes, few zones rival the 11.99% chance applicants had in having their names drawn in Zone 22 last season.  However, with only 34% of hunters successfully harvesting a moose... it may not be the best choice for everyone.

With likely more than 60,000 applicants for 4,635 tags in 2017, some 92% of us can expect to be disappointed when the results come out this year on July 4th, 2017. You can find your results on that date at

Whatever you choose, good luck to all, hope to see you in the woods in late September! (Moose season in New Brunswick will run from September 26-30, 2017)

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