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New Brunswick Antlerless Deer Draw Deadline

New Brunswick deer hunters that wish to hunt for antlerless deer will want to take note that tomorrow, August 18, 2017 is the deadline for the annual draw. Without an antlerless deer tag, hunters in the province are only able to hunt for deer with visible antlers. It is a very popular draw, with over 7700 applicants last year finding an overall success rate of slightly more than 23% (varies greatly by WMZ).

Interested applicants must be residents of the province, and 16 years of age or older at the time of the application. You can enter the draw either at Service New Brunswick, authorized vendors, or online through the e-Licensing system. The deadline is Friday at the close of business hours if you plan to apply in person, or midnight through e-Licensing. If you are interested in applying through the online e-Licensing system, you will need to pick up a physical tag beforehand in person at a retailer so that you can register that while purchasing your license. The link for the NB e-Licensing system can be found here.

Please note that there is a cost of applying for the antlerless deer draw, of $4.00 plus HST. This will be added onto the cost of your annual deer license. Applicants this year can choose their method of notification. If you wish to be notified by email, successful applicants will receive their notification and have to print their license at home (or go to an authorized vendor/SNB to have it reprinted at a cost of $6.04). Choosing to be notified by mail will mean successful applicants will receive a copy of their license with antlerless deer authorization by mail.

2017 NB Whitetail Deer Season




We will note that there are only seven wildlife management zones with an antlerless deer quota this year, and a total of 2100 tags. This is an increase from last year’s six zones and 1800 licenses… as the province believes relatively mild winters and past harvest numbers indicate a growing herd. The additional WMZ is number 10, where hunters will have the chance to apply for a total of 50 tags for the first time in several years.


Hunters will want to familiarize themselves with the WMZ boundaries, along with the regulations for whitetail deer hunting in the 2017 hunting summary found here.

NB Antlerless Deer results and quota

Successful license number combinations will be posted on the NB Energy and Resource Development Website (here) during the week of September 5th (or notified via email)

Wilderness obsession readers can see the numbers from 2016 along with success rates and changes for this season in the chart above. Good luck to all involved in the draw this year!

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