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Becoming an Outdoors Woman 2018

Tomorrow, February 25, registration for New Brunswick Wildlife Federation’s famous Becoming an Outdoors Woman program 2018 opens.  Having had the opportunity to spend some time speaking with and filming these ladies during seminars last year during the second day of the event, I can unequivocally say that this is something that every woman in New Brunswick should be chomping at the bit to attend.

The workshop begins Friday June 1st and encompasses 3 jam-packed days of classes which cover everything from outdoor cooking or rock climbing to shotgunning.  No matter what you’re interested in, there’s something for everyone to learn and experience.  This year, between 1pm on Friday and 11:30am on Sunday there are 31 classes to choose from.  That’s a lot of content!

In 2017 we were graciously invited by Nathalie Michaud, coordinator for the program, to experience and tell the tale of BOW.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity, and myself and my wife Kourtney eagerly made the trek to Green Hill Lake Camp in Lower Gainesville, NB to check it out.  Kourtney was fortunate enough to be able to take part in a few of the classes, while I was just along to do some filming and take it all in.

Tying flies under the watchful eyes of expert instructors

Kourtney took part in the Fly Tying course on Saturday afternoon, which is being offered again this year.  Now, months later, she has since invested in a fly tying kit of her very own and made more than a few flies we look forward to putting to the test on the waters in 2018.  The instructors made something she previously thought might be interesting but feared would be intimidating into a very approachable and enjoyable pastime that she continues to this day.

While she took part in that class, I had the opportunity to walk between each of the other classes being put on at the time. Everywhere I went, the same attitude was very noticeable.  I talked to several women who had been repeat visitors to BOW, and one who had been to every single one… which shows the quality of the weekend better than I can put it into words.  Although I could spend some time describing the aromas coming from the open fire-cooked Salmon which would leave your mouth watering!

After just this short introduction to what the BOW program was all about, Kourtney had already made plans for returning this year for the whole thing.  This June, she hopes to be spending the weekend with a friend, and surely making a few new ones.  If you’d like to join them there is no time to waste, registration opens at 9am and often sells out within 48 hours. 

Mouth watering salmon cooked over an open fire

For more information, check out the brochure of available classes (linked here) and be sure to check them out on Facebook!

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