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New Brunswick Residents Take Notice - Moose Draw and Outdoor Card Information

Ladies and Gentlemen of New Brunswick, it's that exciting time of year again!  The 14th of May marks a very important time for many of us; the time to apply for your 2018 Moose license! Before we get too excited, however, we need to bring your attention to something many of us have overlooked.  Did you know, every three years, we need to revalidate our New Brunswick Outdoors Cards?  That means, for those of us who signed up for an outdoors card during their launch, it is now time to take those steps.

As you may recall, in 2015, the province launched the outdoor card along with many of their online tools. They have made it a requirement to revalidate every three years (at no cost). The reason is to ensure that the holder’s residency status is checked periodically.

Anne Bull, from Energy and Resource Development notes:

"Cards need to be revalidated every three years and outdoors men and women can save time during the hunt application period by making sure their card is good to go ahead of time."

Every 3 years, as a New Brunswick resident with an Outdoors Card number, you are required to re-enter your New Brunswick Driver’s Licence number or New Brunswick Photo ID number to revalidate your residency status. If you don’t have a New Brunswick Driver’s Licence number or New Brunswick Photo ID number, you may show other proof of residency at an SNB Centre. 2018 is the first year of the revalidation process, so if you receivedyour Outdoors Card number in 2015, you will be required to revalidate this year.  You can do so online or at the time of draw application or licence purchase in person at an authorized vendor or any Service New Brunswick centre.

New Brunswick-born serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces or the RCMP who live or serve outside of the province can revalidate their residency status by emailing their New Brunswick Birth Certificate and Canadian Armed Forces ID card or RCMP ID card to

A notification showing to CLICK HERE to revalidate will be at the top of the page

The online revalidation is perhaps the easiest method, and only took us a few minutes to perform. We took screen shots of every step to help guide you through the process. There was a banner link at the top of my e-licensing account, with a link to re-validate. Clicking on the link takes you to a page of your profile called “Identification and Preferences” where you need to re-enter your NB Drivers License or ID card number and click “update.” As long as you submit correctly, you will receive a message in blue saying “profile updated successfully.” That is all there is to it… and you should be worry-free for another three years. There may be situations mentioned above where someone who qualifies as an NB Resident does not have the proper ID to use the online tool, so make sure to follow the instructions specific to your case.

We would advise you not to leave this until the last minute… especially for those looking to apply for the time-sensitive moose draw.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about Moose! Residents can begin applying for the 2018 moose season on Monday, May 14. The draw period lasts until June 8th, and the results are expected on July 3rd (both online and in many of our major newspapers). In NB, the moose is perhaps the most sought after big game animal, and this time of the year is always when we plan where to apply and then dream of being successful in being drawn.

Entering your ID again is easy

Details can be found below about the moose draw application process…

Residents must carefully weigh their options about which Wildlife Management Zone they choose to apply for, and can apply for the draw in one of three ways. All methods require the applicant to have an NB Outdoors Card. In our opinion, the easiest way to apply is via the e-licensing web portal. The fee to apply is $9.55.  A reminder, residents can no longer use their Medicare Card to apply.

Options To Apply:

1. By Telephone: Bell landline telephone customers can apply and the fee will be directly applied to their home phone bill by dialing 1-900-565-1500. The toll free number which allowed applicants to bill their application fee to a credit card from any landline is no longer available.

2. Online: Any NB Resident with an NB Outdoors Card can apply online using the e-licensing web portal.  If you do not yet have an NB Outdoors Card, you can easily register for one instantly at

A notification showing your validation was a success will appear

3. In person: Similar to purchasing a hunting or fishing license, residents can go to any authorized vendor or Service New Brunswick location and apply in person.  Same process as the online purchase, only the vendor will be doing it for you.

NOTE: Applicants must be at least 18 years of age at the time of application. They must not be restricted from purchasing a New Brunswick Hunting Licence. 

Hunters have until SNB closing time on June 8 to apply for the draw in person; until 7:30 p.m. the same day to apply by telephone; and until midnight to apply online.

Here's a reminder about odds of drawing a tag:

New Brunswick instituted a new draw system in 2011, using a "weighted lottery" to determine your chance of winning a moose hunting tag. For every 5 years you have been unsuccessful since 1994, you are placed in a higher "pool" with more chance of getting drawn.

For every five (5) years you have applied unsuccessfully since 1994, you will be placed into a higher pool. Every fifth year you are unsuccessful will triple your number of ballots.

Years Unsuccessful


Number of Ballots

20 to 24



15 to 19



10 to 14



5 to 9



0 to 4



Residents can determine what pool they are in by clicking on this link:

This year's Moose Season will run from September 25th-29th.  The official government release containing these details is linked below:



Good luck everyone!


2018-05-11 18:17:56


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