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New Brunswick Fish Stocking Program - 2020 Update

With things in New Brunswick slowly returning to normal, and knowing that Minister Mike Holland has been committed to getting the fish stocking program back up and running after a few years of little or no stocking taking place, we reached out to DNR to find out where things stood in 2020.  It turns out that the stocking program is finally up and running after the delays of the Spring, and in fact just yesterday (May 28th) some lakes in Saint John were stocked with Brookies!

Here’s the word from the department:

We stocked Lily Lake with ~300 brook trout and Fisher Lake with ~700. The fish are about 200 grams or 9 to 13 inches. Some keepers. People were catching them within a couple of minutes of stocking them. 

We're not 100% on track but we are stocking a few lakes again. It will be a little bit before I get the website or app up to date with this spring's info. We are still in the process of stocking. So far we've stocked:

Hailes Brook Lake/Windemere Pond in Kedgwick
Thomspn and Baker lakes  near Edmunston
Killarney in Fredericton 

And we are still in midst of stocking: 
Belledune Reservoir
Silver Lake/Morice Pond in Sackville
Morrison Cove/ Chatham Reservoir in Miramichi

There may be more stocking than that but I'm still waiting on some answers. 

Due to the Covid-19 we are a little later stocking than usual and the lakes have already warmed up a lot. The fish are coming from 10C (or lower) water and often going in to lakes 15 to 22C!  This is definitely not ideal. While we do acclimatize the fish before stocking it is still risky. I'm hoping for no or very little mortality. If you hear of some issues please let me know!

There you have it folks, it looks as though several lakes have already been stocked with some young trout and a few more are coming up very soon.  At least one of these lakes (Silver Lake) hasn’t had fish stocked in it for many years so I know some residents of Sackville will be very happy to hear this news.  Minister Holland attended a meeting of the Sackville Rod & Gun Club prior to the lock-down and after a largely attended Winter Ice Fishing Rally at Silver Lake turned up not a single fish for the kids he made it clear that stocking this lake was a priority.  Glad to see that he's following through with the committment. 

Tight lines everyone!

2020-05-29 16:46:55


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