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Fishemon - Gotta Catch Them All

Updated - April 15, 2017

Almost everyone has heard of the Japanese video game Pokemon.  The catch phrase for this role playing game, first made popular by the Nintendo Game Boy, is “Gotta catch ‘em all”.  Over the past 5 years or so, I’ve joked with my brother that I’m going to start playing a different game, one that I like to call the “Fishemon”.  The rules of this game are simple, you’ve “gotta catch ‘em all”.  Specifically, my goal is to catch every species of fish available to catch with a rod and reel throughout the inland waters of New Brunswick. 

I’ve been fishing for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been lucky enough to catch many different species of fish.  Throughout most of my life, I fished with live worms exclusively, which can lead to loads of different species of fish taking the hook.  I can recall catching all sorts of species, from American Eel to Yellow Perch throughout my life, but like most, we don’t document every catch.  This year, things are going to be different.  I’m going to document every unique species and update this article throughout the year with a photograph and information about the biggest and best catch of that species that I bring out of the water.

Some will certainly be harder than others, I can go out tomorrow and likely catch a few Brook Trout and a lot more Yellow Perch than I want to count.  Catching a Muskie on the other hand, the oft-called “fish of a thousand casts”, may take me years to achieve.  Some will require me to do research into the art of "microfishing".  Others, like the American Shad, are very seasonal and if I don’t get one during the spring, I’m not going to get one in New Brunswick.  This is where you come in.  If you’re a New Brunswicker, and you’d like to provide some advice about any fish I’ve missed in my list or any tips or techniques to “catch ‘em all”, it would certainly be appreciated.  Some of these fish I’ve never even heard of, so I suspect catching them will be difficult to say the least.  Either way, it'll be awfully hard work!

Hard at work on the Fishemon

A few rules:

  • Each Fish Must be Caught in New Brunswick
  • Each Fish Must be Caught with a Fishing Rod
  • Each Fish Must be Photographed
  • Each Recorded Fish Must be Released

If the Species of Fish in the list below is a hyperlink, it means I’ve caught and recorded that species. Click on the link for more information about where/when/how I caught the fish, and of course for a photograph.  This will be the first of each kind that I catch, and most likely won’t be updated for trophy size (those pics will be available elsewhere).

Inland Fish Species of New Brunswick (list provided by University of New Brunswick)

Alewife (Gaspereau)
American Eel
American Shad
Arctic Char
Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic Sturgeon
Atlantic Tomcod
Banded Killifish
Blacknose Dace
Blacknose Shiner
Blackspotted Stickleback
Blueback Herring
Brook Stickleback
Brook Trout
Brown Bullhead
Brown Trout
Central Mudminnow
Chain Pickerel
Common Shiner
Creek Chub
Fathead Minnow
Finescale Dace
Fourspine Stickleback
Golden Shiner
Lake Chub
Lake Trout
Lake Whitefish
Longnose Sucker
Ninespine Stickleback
Northern Redbelly Dace
Pearl Dace
Rainbow Smelt
Rainbow Trout
Redbreast Sunfish
Roud Whitefish
Sea Lamprey
Shortnose Sturgeon
Slimy Sculpin
Smallmouth Bass
Striped Bass
Threespine Stickleback
Tiger Trout
White Perch
White Sucker
Yellow Perch

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