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Gear Review - Pocket Jaws

From the Resourceful Redneck product line, we have acquired and tested a set of Pocket Jaws out in the field. The Pocket Jaws are a small, lightweight folding saw that is multipurpose and easy to transport. Whether you are an outdoorsman, a camper, a hunter, or a wildlife enthusiast, this compact saw is a great addition to your gear.

Yesterday, we wrote about David & Wayne’s grandfather, Santa Claus, The Shark Hunter.  Today, we’re going to dive deep into Jaws. I guess you could say it’s Shark Week: Wilderness Obsession style.  The first time I attempted to get to my bear stand this spring on my ATV, the path in front of me had been ravaged by the long and hard winter that was just ending.  Limbs, branches, even whole trees were across the trail.  It felt as though this path had been overgrown for years based on the carnage that lay before me.  That day I was equipped with only our newly acquired set of Pocket Jaws, and I was extremely worried.  Looking ahead of me it felt as though I would never be able to make it with only this small saw.  I was in for a major surprise.


First thoughts:
As we have found with the other Resourceful Redneck products, this saw is very solid construction. It is not flimsy in any way, and both the handle and blade are solid items. When it has been extended and is in place to saw, it feels as if it is a one-piece saw, aided by the locking mechanism. The blade does not have any movement from side to side in the joint when extended which aids in cutting.

Pocket Jaws - Closed

Manufacturers Claim:
The crazy sharp teeth can be used for blazing a trail.

In the field:

In testing we found the blade to be very aggressive and easily chewed through branches in the field. The blade is extremely sharp as we also found with the company’s “Blazing Blade” hatchet. The testing we did was at a temperature of -10C and yet frozen branches were no match for the serrated blades. Even at the small length this saw has an aggressive tooth pattern and made short work of branches and brush in our testing. Generally the longer a saw is, the quicker it cuts but we were amazed at how well this saw was able to chew through wood. We tested it on both hardwoods and softwoods but because of the temperatures there wouldn’t have been much sap running through the trees. With strong performance on the frozen branches we have no doubt however that it would perform well on green wood as well. It cut through 2-3” branches in seconds. The blade is specially coated for rust protection and even though we intentionally left water on the saw it showed no sign of rusting afterwards.

Manufacturers Claim:
The crazy sharp teeth can be used for field dressing.

In the field:

Another positive is that the saw will cut both when pushing and pulling it, unlike some other cheaper saw blades. Bargain saws in this price range generally cut only on pulls. The blade is strong enough that bending it on the push stroke should not be an issue if you stray from center. While not the method of field dressing we here at WildernessObsession utilize, you could easily use the pocket jaws to cut the pelvis or rib cage for easier access when field dressing your harvest.

Manufacturers Claim:
This is a must have tool that will fit right in your pocket.

In the field:

Pocket Jaws - Open

The major draw to us for this folding saw is the size and weight of it. At a weight of only 6.9 ounces, this folding saw is designed to be easy to carry. At a folded length of only 9.25 inches, it is easy to store in a backpack, the trunk of your ATV, or even your pocket (as the name suggests). Hiking miles into the bush with this saw would be simple and it takes up minimal space in your pack. If you were to purchase one of the “blazing blade” hatchets along with this saw, you could throw them both in a backpack and be prepared for nearly anything that comes your way.

Cost - $19.95

The cost for this folding pocket saw is extremely economical and is below what we could find on any similar saw of this quality, including on Amazon. One-way (pull only) saws sometimes are found for slightly over $20 but to find a saw of this quality at under that threshold is extremely rare. Some comparable saws are twice this cost and likely won’t work any better than this efficient, lightweight saw.


One major positive for us was the locking pin mechanism to keep the saw folded. The pin must be depressed both to open the saw and to close it, and it feels like very solid construction. The locking pin is extremely tight and will not open or close without pressing this safety mechanism. There is no risk of the saw folding partially open in your backpack and destroying a piece of clothing you have brought on your trip or even opening while in your pocket to damage your jacket. The saw stays folded when you want it that way, and securely stays open when you have it in place. This “lock in” mechanism is something that we often do not see in a saw in this price range. We were able to depress the locking pin easily even while wearing gloves in cold temperatures.

We also appreciated the blue colour of the saw handle rather than using a camo or common woods colour. The deep blue stands out if you should happen to drop it in the woods. If it were a camo or a green colour if you were to drop the saw it could be gone forever. No worries with this saw. The handle also has a nice ergonomic feel and was easy on the hands. We were able to cut through plenty of brush without tiring or blistering. We actually prefer the finish and feel to this saw over the camo gator product that we previously reviewed.


The only negative we were able to find on the pocket jaws is the inability to replace the blade. Although you can remove the blade if it gets dull or broken, the company does not appear to sell replacement blades. This doesn’t appear to be a serious issue as the blade seems very durable and the cost of the saw is minimal, but it is something to keep in mind. Some other similar saws charge the same amount for a replacement blade as this saw costs!

This saw is so aggressive that you may end up clearing brush at such a quick pace that it gets you home to your wife and busy life too quickly. If you let her see it in action you won’t ever have an excuse that you were “clearing shooting lanes” or “setting up a tree stand” when actually you were playing around at the range or drinking beer at the camp. For the love of God don’t let her know how efficient it is…

The Bottom Line:

Pocket Jaws in Action

Most people, when you talk about the movie Jaws, recollect perhaps the most famous quote: “You’re gonna need a bigger boat”.  For me, since I’m always a bit of a cheater, my favourite Jaws quote actually comes from the book: “The past always seems better when you look back on it than it did at the time. And the present never looks as good as it will in the future.”  Never did this quote ring more true than the first time I headed out to my bear stand this spring.  It seemed at the time that I would never get through to my destination, but I was equipped with the Pocket Jaws, and since that day I can honestly say that I haven’t taken my ATV anywhere without them.  Looking back, with the right tool in my hand, it wasn’t bad at all.

We will again stress how much we like the fact that this product, as others in the Resourceful Redneck line, was made in Canada. It is great to support domestic manufacturing and the associated manufacturing jobs.

Overall this is another great product similar to the camo gator saw, with improved grip and more compact design than that product. The aggressive blade is able to clear an area quickly and cleanly. If you were deciding between this and the camo gator, we would lean toward purchasing this saw. It is a great, lightweight addition to any backpack and we would recommend the purchase for anyone looking for a high-quality pocket saw at a bargain price.

If you would like to have one of these saws for yourself, head on over to where you can find this and other products and order from them. Watch for their items at hunting shows and in outdoor stores in the near future, as well as a slated appearance on CBC's “Dragon's Den.” 

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