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Resourceful Redneck Slays a Dragon - With a Twist

In today's world, there has been a rekindling of interest in outdoor activities in recent years. People are more interested in getting back to nature, whether that means hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or other hobbies. People have become more focused on eating clean and often that means harvesting your own game and fish from the great outdoors. In the midst of this new attraction comes the Resourceful Redneck, a company that has invented and marketed tools to make people more effective, more safe, and have more fun while enjoying the great outdoors. The founders of this company are Mike Holland and Steen Gunderson

The two make a great pair with Steen having the marketing education and Mike being an outdoor fanatic and a true redneck. Mike is a man after our own hearts at Wilderness Obsession, and could be thought of as THE resourceful redneck. They are both down to earth and genuine, believing in the products that they sell. They run their business from Riverview, NB in the Greater Moncton area. Moncton has received a great deal of attention in the past year as two major outdoor retailers (Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops) have opened stores showing their belief in the market. Hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor fanatics have shone a light on the region and economic benefits that they bring from enjoying their sport. Nicknamed the “hub city” for it's place as a geographic center of the major cities in the Maritimes, it offers great and varied outdoor opportunities. As Bass Pro Shops highlighted in their announcement of their new location, 1.2 million people live within a three-hour drive. “With 11,000 kilometres of saltwater coastline, 250 rivers, 6,500-plus lakes and more than 10,000 kilometres of trails, the area offers world famous fishing and hunting.” The Resourceful Redneck product line couldn't be based out of a better area or at a better time!

Mike and a Turkey

At Wilderness Obsession, we own and have reviewed a number of their products and have found them to be invaluable. As we've highlighted on the reviews, one of our favourite features is that they are made in Canada. These are well-made and well-constructed tools made in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians and the world!

The Resourceful Redneck crew has recently been getting a great deal of press over their appearance on the “Dragon's Den,” a popular CBC show where entrepreneurs are able to audition for investors before a team of established investors/business owners. There are five established business professionals who listen to the presentations and decide if they would like to invest in the company/idea. Presenting their business plans, they make offers to the “Dragons” to try to expand their business through a financial jump-start. Although they filmed the show back in April, the pair were not allowed to tell the result to anyone until it went to air. Gunderson says it was a surreal experience. “We were in the studio at 8am and then got out at about 11am. We were on the road at 1:30pm and drove the entire way back east without stopping. The entire drive back we had the same conversation over and over again every thirty minutes: 'Can you believe what just happened in there?'”

On November 25th, the episode featuring the Resourceful Redneck finally aired, and Wilderness Obsession was at the unveiling event to view it and interview Holland and Gunderson.  At the Five Bridges Bar and Grill, the Resourceful Redneck partners booked the back room and hosted a standing room only crowd for the big night. Mike Holland exclaimed “We filmed the show back in April and it feels like an eternity since then, but we are excited to be sharing it with you all tonight!”

Gundrson said prior to airing the show that he was a bit nervous because “they filmed us for 45 minutes to an hour, and we don't know what the editors did afterwards!”

Resourceful Redneck Logo

On the show, the pair asked for $50k for 10% of their business, showing off some of their product line that currently consisted of 18 items. When the show was filmed in April, the Resourceful Redneck company was only 22 days old so they didn't have much of a sales track record beyond a few industry trade show appearances. What they did have was a plan they believed in, along with a charisma that was apparent to anyone viewing the episode. The verdict?

One of the dragons, fashion pioneer Joe Mimran offered to invest in the Resourceful Redneck, but wanted a 20% take for the investment of $50k. After a short discussion, the partners agreed, and the show ends with a clip of this fashion/retail mogul climbing up into a treestand that was equipped with their trademark “bear-ier.” About the bear-ier, Steen Gunderson says “it's cheaper than life insurance!”

The founders were ecstatic over their experience on the show. Mike Holland said one of the dragons, Michelle Romanow (co-founder of was especially insightful. “She gave us advice about the internet that we put into place as soon as we got home!” The company plans to expand their product line to 50 items in the near future and has recently gone through a website redesign.

They followed the viewing up with a speech which you can find on our youtube channel here.

Apparently Mike Holland says there's a bit of a twist involved! After their appearance on the Dragon's Den, the pair received an offer they felt they could not refuse and decided that they needed to pull back from their offer from Mimran and go in a new direction. The Resourceful Redneck is instead partnering up with “Thunder Boyz Productions” and will appear on their weekly television show “Trigger Effect.” The show airs on WildTV and several other networks and is currently airing season three. In season four, every show will feature a 45-90 second vignette that will showcase a Resourceful Redneck product or tip that will assist people outdoors in their outings. Information about their partnership is found on the Trigger Effect website.

How far can the Resourceful Redneck company go? Holland has big dreams for he and Gunderson. “If a bunch of guys with messy beards can go on TV and make millions of dollars selling a duck whistle, I think a British guy and a Miramichi-er can get together and make $8 million dollars, so watch for it!”

Resourceful Redneck products can be found on their website at as well as at a growing list of retailers including Green Diamond, Doiron Outfitters, and Albert County Outfitters.

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