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NB Crown Reserve Results available March 29th

It's almost here: the time many salmon fishermen in New Brunswick wait for as eagerly as Christmas morning... the crown reserve fishing lottery results!

We talked with JC Cormier, vice-president of the Hammond River Angling Association and obsessed angler who said "The Crown Reserve draw results is always an exciting time of year for many anglers who take advantage of this remarkable privilege available to New Brunswick residents. My "crew" and I always put-in for our favorite stretch every year, and on years that we don't get it we usually get our fix with the daily draws or unclaimed water draws. Either way, we get to enjoy some of the best Atlantic salmon fishing waters in the World, yet virtually unknown to many New Brunswickers."

In New Brunswick, residents are able to apply for angling opportunities on salmon and brook trout waters on a per-rod and per-day basis. This is only open to residents, and awarded via a lottery draw. There are a total of 20 regular crown reserve stretches in the Miramichi and Restigouche drainages, along with additional daily and live release opportunities. Anglers have an application period in the late winter for these opportunities, in either groups of 2 or 4 depending on the stretch.

On March 29th, applications will finally find out whether or not they have been successful in the initial draw. In recent years the Department of Natural Resources has taken great strides at making the process more accessible to a greater number of anglers, by moving toward a modernized licensing system and electronic methods to book unclaimed stretches. After the results are released, you can use the portal to book unclaimed stretches here. We absolutely applaud their efforts to make this accessible to more residents. One place the provincial website is still lacking however is in detailed information for each stretch and the facilities offered. It could be available, but if so... it is extremely hard to locate.

Anglers are also still eagerly awaiting word on whether or not the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans will reopen the recreational atlantic salmon fishery to allow retention in the Maritime Provinces. The recreational fishery for atlantic salmon is governed federally so we are waiting for word from DFO. In 2015, they limited all angling in NB, NS, and PEI to catch and release only, and no formal announcement has been made to this point on whether that will continue in 2016. Atlantic salmon retention last year was only allowed in the provinces of Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. They promised to reevaluate and release a statement prior to the opening of the 2016 angling season, so time is running short! When a statement is released, information will be available here.

Since the ban on retention was only announced AFTER the application period for the crown reserve stretches last year, at this point we are unsure if there will be any effect on the number of applications for the 2016 draw. New Brunswick salmon licence purchases were reportedly markedly reduced last year as anglers chose to save their money rather than purchase the more expensive salmon licence with no retention tags.

The Wilderness Obsession crew will be anxiously awaiting the results of the draw as we have applied, and are still waiting for our first opportunity on a crown stretch. This will be the third year applying, and hopefully this is our year! Time will tell...


If we win this year, expect to see a full review of the experience and the camp there, along with video and maybe if we're very lucky, a fishing story or two!

Note – the results of the 2016 Crown Reserve Angling draws are now available below or by clicking the following link to the GNB website:

Mobile Users click to download PDF: Crown Reserve Results

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